About the MENDS 12-week program


MENDS is a 12 week group program with sessions run once a week in the evening. Sessions are two hours in length and have around 10-12 participants.


It is designed to assist men in varying situations:


* Pre-separation - those about to separate and wanting to go about it the best way possible

* Recently separated - within 6 months of separation

* Distantly separated - we've had men as far back as 17 years past remarriage

* Rocky relationship - still in a relationship but needing to sort things out

* Preparing for a relationship - men who would like to be ready for a healthy relationship; when and if one is available.


The 12-week program is delivered through a series of modules. Each module covers the key themes of stress, health and nutrition and legal issues, as well as problem-solving and peer support.


Some sessions may be led by a guest, for example, a Family Law Practitioner.



Module One - Reconnecting with Self


This module builds upon the idea that a man's external relationships can never be any better than his relationship with himself. We demystify that process, as men realise that the process is quite achievable, and in fact, extremely satisfying, empowering, and benefits all facets of their life.



Module Two - Reconnecting with your Children


This module discusses the idea that your children need you to be travelling well, so that you don't confuse your needs with theirs. Fathers and men who miss this can stumble forward, unconsciously expecting their children to parent them; to give their life meaning. Learn to understand what your children’s needs are and how best to meet those needs.



Module Three - Reconnecting with Others


Examine how to learn from failed or problematic relationships, and being ready for more fulfilling relationships; and even how to gauge when you are ready. It also shouts the dangers of rushing (out of loneliness and neediness) into new relationships prematurely. We also cover the important issue of how to build and sustain healthy male support networks.

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