Separation Essentials


Congratulations on your decision to get information to assist you in managing a separation well.


If you are travelling rough right now and need tips for coping with that immediately, we recommend you call either Men's Line Australia on 1300 789 978 or Lifeline on 13 11 14. 


Knowing when to ask for support is a sign of mature masculinity.


Our Separation Essentials Booklet details some Traps and Tips to help you at this early stage. These can in no way substitute for the content of a full MENDS program, but they can help keep you out of trouble in the meantime.


Click here to download the free Separation Essentials Booklet

(requires a PDF reader - there is a free one at this link)


Topics covered include:

* Separation Tip - Who Pulled the Pin?

* Separation Trap - Dealing with the Pain

* Separation Tip - Sleepless in Separation

* Separation Tip - Positive Child Focus

* Separation Tip - Access Accurate Information

* Separation Trap - Sexual Abuse Claims

* Separation Trap - Domestic Violence

* Separation Trap - Softly, Softly New Relationships

* Separation Tip - Living Alone vs. Sharing

* Separation Trap - Time Will Heal

* Separation Trap - Badmouthing the X

* Separation Trap - My Mask is Better Than Yours

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